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Supporting you to grow the right plant, at the right time, for your specific area of Australia.


At Sow Grow Eat we are passionate about the geographical planting of fruit, veggies and herb seeds based on climate zoning and weather patterns so that EVERYONE can grow their own food regardless of space limitations, experience or skill.  (Just so you know, everyone has a green thumb - they are just different shades!).

I am a farmers' daughter and grew up knowing where our food came from, because of course we grew most of it ourselves.  My Mum was a prolific gardener whilst Dad did all the 'heavy work' such as digging in compost (generally sheep and chook poo), or driving stakes in to hold such things as tomato vines.

I was fascinated by our vegie patch from an early age.  Even as a toddler Mum always knew where to look if I had quietly wondered off somewhere.  I remember the peas!  Oh, how I loved the taste of freshly picked peas directly from the bush.  Today snapping open that pod and tasting the sweet freshness draws me back to my childhood in an instant. Cooking straight from the land mesmerised me, and I have learnt so much from my family. Endless hours were spent watching Mum, and in particular our Nana, recreate the traditional meat and three veg into 'fun food' that as kids we thought was fabulous. 

In my teenage years I was introduced to photography when my parents gave me their old box brownie camera.  My love for photography heightened when I learnt to develop my own photos.  Even though it's not heard of much these days, the dark room is truly an amazing place.  It's almost meditative, knowing your camera and equipment that well, that the majority of film processing is completed without sight - in the dark.  With fresh food, cooking and photography I had found my creative appetite.

Fast forward a few more years and like a lot of people from farming areas, I moved to suburbia to find work.  I quickly fell into a pattern of convenience, as I ate on the run and used mainly store bought produce.  Too many hours spent working, wrong food choices and a dramatic lifestyle change found me well away from my grass roots.  This started having drastic affect on my health.

I found myself struggling to get through the day.  I was tired ALL the time however I didn't think this was completely out of the 'norm', as we all know life can be generally stressful these days.  It wasn't until I started having continual flu like symptoms I knew something was wrong which then started my next 18 month 'sick' journey.  I started sourcing answers via traditional doctors who couldn't determine the issue.  I then discovered a doctor who amongst other things, treated her patients by balancing vitamins and minerals in the body.  I had every test under the sun to determine my levels, however the majority of our conversations were around food. What I ate, when I ate and how much I ate.  I keep a food diary that she reviewed constantly.  She discovered I was not giving my body enough nutrition for it to 'operate' at its full capacity.  This is when she found that a number of viruses had attacked my body.  No wonder I was sick!  My system was so deprived of nutrition, it left it wide open for disease to set in.

It was time to respect my body, so having been through this I needed to be able to feed my body highly dense nutritious food in order for my health to be stabilised.  This ignited memories of my past experiences with real food and drove my passion to start. But was this something I could do?  It was after a conversation with Dad where he said to me 'what's the worst thing that can happen love?'  I found the confidence to give it a go.  Starting off small by planting my first parsley seedling, then through trial and error and my 'No Fear' attitude to gardening, my reality of good health and nutrition was achieved. I am now able to fill my dinner plate with fresh seasonally grown produce and explore creativity through my love of cooking.  I am happy to say that I have successfully nurtured many a seedling to maturity over the years and been very satisfied and personally rewarded with the divine outcomes of growing and cooking with food that I know.

So I was sitting with a full and content belly one night, after another day of trial and error in the patch, that I wondered how many others out there have wondered the same thing but had Fear in the thought of even starting a vegie patch.  Did they wonder like I did, what to plant, when to plant it and what could I plant for my particular region and season?   

I'm still learning by experimenting, surrounding myself with the knowledge of like-minded people, and though Sow Grow Eat I can now share the knowledge I've learnt so far.  I know that some crops fail, and others are bumpers!  Some years everything grows when it should, other years it takes time or needs to be replanted.  I've found there is no exact science that is the same for every patch.  My soil, position and gradient of land is different to my neighbours, as yours will be different too.  But if you love the idea of making 'growing-your-own', and 'cooking-with-your-own' an easy and enjoyable experience then this is why Sow Grow Eat was born.

It's to help anyone with a thumb ( and who loves to eat) - no matter what the colour!

So have a go........What's the worst thing that can happen?

Have fun.


All seeds are sourced from Green Harvest and/or Eden Seeds, both organic and non GMO

Yep, that's me in the pea patch!